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relalg Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Simple relational algebra interpreter.


   To make the grammar

       python relalg.py make

   To run some relatoinal algebra expressions

       python relalg.py < expressions_file


class  conditionor
 conditions are not optimized at all! More...
class  expname
class  expvalue
class  factorand
class  notprimary
class  primaryeq
class  punter
class  relation
class  tracer


def assignment1
def BindRules
def Buildrelalg
def charstfn
def check_compat
def DeclareTerminals
def elt0
def elt1
def emptylist
def eqSelect
def factorexpr
def intersect
def join
def maxrep
def minus
def named
def names11
def names1n
def numlitfn
def proj
def projection
def relationval
def relFromDictSet
def reloadrelalg
def rename
def rown
def runfile
def selection
def somerows1
def somerowsn
def statementexpr
def test
 database of suppliers, parts and shipments from Date, page 79 (2nd ed) or page 92 (3rd ed) */
def union
def userdeffn
def vSel


string alphanum = "_"
 argv = sys.argv
 assignmentn = assignment1
string charstre = "'[^\n']*'"
list command = argv[1]
 condfactor = elt0
int done = 0
 emptyrow = emptylist
 factorprime = elt0
string INSTALLDIR = "."
string keywords
string MARSHALFILE = "relalg.mar"
 snarfed from sqlgen
 names0 = emptylist
 namesn = elt0
string nonterms
string numlitre = "[%s][%s\.]*"
 primarycondition = elt1
string puncts = """=^~|,-[]()&"""
string relalg_rules
 simple relational algebra using only the equality predicate note: string values cannot contain ;
 rfactor = elt0
 row1 = somerows1
 rows0 = emptylist
 rowsn = elt0
 rterm = elt0
 statementassn = elt0
string userdefre = "[%s][%s]*"
 valuenum = valuestrelt0
tuple VARS = vars()
 snarfed from sqlbind note: all reduction function defs must precede this assign

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