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gadfly::bindings Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Rule bindings for sql grammar.

:Author: Aaron Watters
:Maintainers: http://gadfly.sf.net/
:Copyright: Aaron Robert Watters, 1994
:Id: $Id: bindings.py,v 1.4 2002/05/11 02:59:04 richard Exp $:


class  punter
class  tracer


def ad0
def addistinct
def allset
def assn
def assn1
def assnn
def BindRules
def booln
def coldef
def columnname1
def columnname2
def countstar
def createindex
def createtable
def createuniqueindex
def createview
def deletefrom
def distinctset
def dropindex
def droptable
def dropview
def dynamic
def elt0
def elt1
def elt2
def except1
def exists
def expminus
def expplus
def insert1
def insert_query
def insert_values
def intersect1
def listcommathing
def literal
def minusfactor
def notbf
def optord0
def optorddesc
def predbetween
def predicateeq
def predicatege
def predicategt
def predicatele
def predicatelt
def predicatene
def predin
def predinlits
def prednotbetween
def prednotin
def prednotinlits
def predqeq
def predqge
def predqgt
def predqle
def predqlt
def predqne
def returnNone
def searchn
def select1
def selectit
def selectn
def selectname
def selectstar
def selectx
def set
def sliterald
def sliteralm
def sliteralp
def sliterals
def sortcol
def sortint
def stat1
def stringstring
def subqexpr
def subselect
def termdiv
def termtimes
def thingcommalist
def trl1
 table reference list returns list of (name, name) or (name, alias)
def trl1a
def trl1as
def trln
def trlna
def trlnas
def union1
def update
def where0


 adall = ad0
 allcount = allset
 average = countmaximumminimumsummationmedianelt0
 bf1 = elt0
 bool1 = elt0
 bp1 = elt0
 bps = elt1
 colalias = elt0
 coleltconstraint = elt0
 coleltid = elt0
 colelts1 = stat1
 coleltsn = listcommathing
 colids1 = stat1
 colidsn = listcommathing
 colnames1 = stat1
 colnamesn = listcommathing
 columnid1 = elt0
 createindexstat = elt0
 createtablestat = elt0
 createviewstat = elt0
 delstat = elt0
 distinctcount = distinctset
 dropindexstat = elt0
 droptablestat = elt0
 dropviewstat = elt0
 exp1 = elt0
 factor1 = elt0
 group0 = returnNone
 group1 = elt2
 having0 = returnNone
 having1 = elt1
 insstat = elt0
 litlist1 = stat1
 litlistn = listcommathing
 names1 = stat1
 namesn = listcommathing
 nnall = elt0
 nnany = elt0
 numlit = literal
 optcolconstr0 = returnNone
 optcolids0 = returnNone
 optcolids1 = elt1
 optdef0 = returnNone
 optnamelist0 = returnNone
 optnamelistn = elt1
 optordasc = optord0
 order0 = returnNone
 order1 = elt2
 plusfactor = elt1
 predexists = elt0
 predicate1 = elt0
 primary1 = elt0
 primaryexp = elt1
 primarylit = elt0
 primaryset = elt0
 psubselect = elt1
 search1 = elt0
 select1 = elt0
 selectsome = elt0
 selstat = elt0
 sliteral0 = elt0
 sortspec1 = stat1
 sortspecn = listcommathing
 statn = thingcommalist
 stringlit = literal
 stringtype = exnumtypeappnumtypeintegerfloatvarcharelt0
 tablename1 = elt0
 term1 = elt0
 union0 = returnNone
 updatestat = elt0
 varcharn = elt0
tuple VARS = vars()
 where1 = elt1

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