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gadfly::semantics::BoundExpression Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for gadfly::semantics::BoundExpression:

gadfly::semantics::SimpleRecursive gadfly::semantics::BoundAddition gadfly::semantics::BoundAttribute gadfly::semantics::BoundDivision gadfly::semantics::BoundMultiplication gadfly::semantics::BoundSubtraction gadfly::semantics::DescExpr gadfly::semantics::NumberedColumn gadfly::semantics::OrderExpr gadfly::semantics::SubQueryExpression

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Detailed Description

superclass for all bound expressions.
   except where overloaded expressions are binary
   with self.left and self.right

Definition at line 532 of file semantics.py.

Public Member Functions

def __add__
def __coerce__
def __div__
def __init__
def __mul__
def __neg__
def __repr__
def __sub__
def attribute
def demarshal
def domain
def equate
def initargs
def le
def lt
def marshaldata
def relbind
def uncache

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

int contains_aggregate = 0

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