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gadfly::semantics::BTPredicate Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for gadfly::semantics::BTPredicate:

gadfly::semantics::SimpleRecursive gadfly::semantics::NontrivialEqPred gadfly::semantics::BetweenPredicate gadfly::semantics::ExistsPred gadfly::semantics::InLits gadfly::semantics::QuantEQ gadfly::semantics::QuantLT gadfly::semantics::QuantNE gadfly::semantics::QuantGE gadfly::semantics::QuantGT gadfly::semantics::QuantLE

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Detailed Description

superclass for bound tuple predicates.
   Eventually should be modified to use "compile" for speed
   to generate an "inlined" evaluation function.
   self(bt) returns bt with additional equality constraints
   (possible) or None if predicate fails.

Definition at line 1267 of file semantics.py.

Public Member Functions

def __and__
def __call__
def __cmp__
def __hash__
def __init__
def __invert__
def __or__
def __repr__
def demarshal
def detrivialize
def domain
def initargs
def marshaldata
def negated_constraints
def relbind
def uncache

Static Public Attributes

 constraints = None
int contains_aggregate = 0
int false = 0

Private Attributes


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