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gadfly::kjParser::LexDictionary Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Lexical dictionary class
  this data structure is used by lexical parser below.

  basic operations:
        registers a string as a punctuation
          EG: LD.punctuation(":")
     Punctuations are treated as a special kind of keyword
     that is recognized even when not surrounded by whitespace.
     IE, "xend" will not be recognized as "x end", but "x;" will be
         recognized as "x ;" if "end" is a regular keyword but
         ";" is a punctuation.  Only single character punctuations
         are supported (now), ie, ":=" must be recognized as
         ":" "=" above the lexical level.

        registers a comment pattern
          EG LD.comment(regex.compile("--.*\n"))
            asks to recognize ansi/sql comments like "-- correct?\n"

     LD[compiled_reg_expression] = (TerminalFlag, Function) # assignment!
        specifies a regular expression that should be associated
        with the lexical terminal marker TerminalFlag
          EG: LD[regex.compile("[0-9]+")] = ("integer",string.atoi)
        the Function should be a function on one string argument
        that interprets the matching string as a value. if None is
        given, just the string itself will be used as the
        interpretation.  (a better choice above would be a function
        which "tries" atoi first and uses atol on overflow).
     NOTE: ambiguity among regular expressions will be decided
        arbitrarily (fix?).

     LD[string] # retrieval!
        returns ((KEYFLAG, Keywordstring), Keywordstring)
         if the (entire) string matches a keyword or a
         punctuation Keywordstring.
        otherwise returns ((TERMFLAG, Terminalname), value)
         if the (entire) string matches the regular expression for
         a terminal flaged by Terminalname; value is the interpreted
         value.  TerminalFlag better be something other than
        otherwise raises an error!
        comments not filtered here!

the following additional functions are used for autodocumentation
in declaring rules, etcetera.
    begin = LD.keyword("begin")
       sets variable "begin" to (KEYFLAG, "BEGIN") if
       "begin" maps to keyword "BEGIN" in LD
    integer = LD.terminal("integer")
       sets variable integer to ("integer", Function)
       if  "integer" is a registered terminal Function is
       its associated interpretation function.

Definition at line 93 of file kjParser.py.

Public Member Functions

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def comment
def Dump
def isCaseSensitive
def keyword
def punctuation
def SetCaseSensitivity
def terminal
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